I've been making art in a wide variety of media for over 40 years. I've also been working as an acupuncturist for 30 years and run a busy clinic in Redlands, California. Over time an integration has taken place between my art making and my practice of healing arts, each area feeding and inspiring the other. My work continuously invites me to explore more deeply for greater depth and meaning and ever evolving consciousness.  

I divide my art making time between my home studio in Redlands, twice a year in either Albuquerque or Santa Fe, New Mexico and springtime in Florence, Italy. My art weaves elements and energy from the rich landscape, history and ethnic diversity of these various spaces and places. My current work is a mixture of the following:

Layering and combining techniques such as monotype, collagraph, dry point, linocut and solar plate, incorporating drawing, chine colle, collage and encaustic.

Sculpted Paper
Working with a clay I make from ground recycled paper, I sculpt lightweight forms for wall display, freestanding figures and bowls as well as jewelry. I started out making only bowls and began calling the entire line of design "Paperboli" which eventually grew to include other forms with various functions.

My photography is a way of not only engaging more deeply with a place and enabling me to record detail, often the imagery becomes elemental in other works on paper, especially my printmaking.

Special Projects

100 Blessings…. Started in 2014 and ongoing, an installation of 100 4x4 inch collaged canvases scheduled to be part of my exhibit at the 2015 Art For Heaven's Sake art festival in October in Redlands, CA.

The Dante Project… As I continue with the task I took on 2 years ago of memorizing Dante's Inferno in its original form, I'm creating a series of paper and wood constructions, each inspired by a particular passage from The Inferno. I will continue to make these pieces for as long as it takes me to learn the poem and will exhibit the work in conjunction with a performance at a later (much later!) date.